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    David Winkler

    Music Instruction

    Piano and Guitar Lessons in the Southwest Austin/Dripping Springs Area

    About David Winkler

    David Winkler has over 40 years' experience of working in music as a teacher, conductor, composer, and church musician.  His music degrees are from the University of North Texas (B.M.) and the University of Texas at San Antonio (M.M.).

    A native Texan, Mr. Winkler moved to the Austin area in 2016 after a number of years in Tennessee and North Carolina.

    Piano lessons are offered for all ages (except very young children).  For piano, a "classical / creative" approach is used ... i.e., teaching in a traditional manner, but combining that with popular styles, including improvisation. 

    Guitar lessons are limited to older students and adults, using a chordal approach based on church music.  The book, All the Best Songs for Easy Guitar, edited by Mr. Winkler, will be used as a basis for study.

    All music lessons will be given at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church in Dripping Springs, or at Mr. Winkler’s home in the Belterra community.

    Monthly tuition is $125.00 for weekly half-hour lessons, or $180.00 per month for 45-minute lessons.  For adults or older youth who desire to “schedule as you go,” the fee is $35.00 per half-hour.  If two or more guitar students desire to share a lesson, please contact Mr. Winkler to discuss the tuition.

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    For more information, please call Mr. Winkler at (615) 415-8738,
    or contact him via email at